Thursday, February 27, 2014

two things coming up

so we have a thing coming up! in a few weeks we're having a scavenger hunt, complete with prizes. participants have all day to finish, please encourage any kids you know to jump in!

in other news, some friends of ours are starting a womyn's group ride called synchronized cycles. they head out from claire de lune in north park every new moon around 7:30pm. it's intended as a ride for women of all varieties to come together with each other.

and you already know about the bike film fest coming up and the triumphant return of ciclosdias, right?

so don't let this weather get you down! we're still doing what we do, and have been very fortunate to collaborate with several great organizations these last few weeks to provide workshops for our neighbors. get out there and ride (and advocate and etc etc)

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