Support via Funds: Money donations help us cover the cost of insurance, tools, space improvements and basics repair parts! Send us a donation using the PayPal button or link below!

Bikes & Parts: We are extremely limited on storage capacity, as we are literally housed inside a 40 ft shipping container. Describe the bikes/parts to the best of your ability, including an assessment of their condition. Photos are great. Bikes do not have to be in pristine condition; a little rust and flat tires are not a problem.

We have high demand for
  • Lighter weight commuter/ hybrid / city bikes. This includes old mountain bikes from the 80's and 90's 
  • SMALL bikes that fit shorter riders
  • new or used tires with decent tread remaining
  • new helmets
  • bike racks / baskets with mounting hardware
  • locks with keys
  • bike lights with mounting hardware 
  • 26" wheels in good to excellent condition - front and rear, no broken spokes or seized nipples
  • tools including box wrenches (15mm especially), allen wrenches, chain tools, flat wrenches
  • bike repair stands
We do not accept
  • Helmets that are 3+ years old
  • Cycling computers
  • Clip-less pedals
  • Beach cruisers with only one gear / speed
  • Most department store bikes (Huffy, Magna, Next, Thruster, Genesis, etc...)
  • Most kid's departments store bikes
***Creative alternatives to still support us while getting rid of your bike!***
...if your bike has little resale value or if you are not in need of money, post your bike for free on Craigslist and let the new owner know of Bikes del Pueblo as a resource for repair needs. This is a great option for kid's bikes and bikes we cannot accept due to space limitations. Your bike still can be very useful for someone in need :)
...if your bike / bike gear has some or high resale value, consider selling it on Craigslist / OfferUp / Ebay and donating the proceeds to us! We would be happy to give you an estimated value.
Please contact us at to coordinate donations.