Saturday, December 21, 2013

holidays, a new year, and some days off

in spite of the chilly weather, the turbulent winter storms, and downpours, we've kept active as ever sharing bicycle repair knowledge. recently we had the great pleasure of working with prokids, a youth org located at colina park, to have a special workshop with their kids. many of us are running around out of town (and out of the country) for this season so we will not be having a meeting this next wednesday and neither will we be at the farmers market that next saturday the 28th.

in other news, as seen on bikesd, the city has updated their bike program page to assist businesses in receiving a bike rack. if you have a business or know somebody who does, you should totally get in on this. and with the news of the newly approved bike plan, which is a huge update to the 2002 version, we have much to look forward to.

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