Thursday, December 20, 2018

Hi y'all!

Just a heads up, we will be taking a break for the holidays and won't run clinic at the Farmer's Market on Saturdays 22nd and 29th of December and at the Pop up 15 lot on Sundays 23rd and 30th of December.
We will be back Saturday 5th at Farmer's Market and Sunday 6th at the lot!

Have fun, ride bikes and see you in 2019!

Bikes del Pueblo's volunteers!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Earn a Bike 2018!!


A few weeks ago we finished a new session of our Earn a Bike program and we had a lot of fun!
We had 11 participants, all from the City Heights Prep Charter School, 10 students and their outreach coordinator. The goal of the program is for participants to learn about bike mechanic and then pick a bike from the ones donated to us and fix it/build it. We end with a bike safety class and give helmets, lights and locks to all participants and go for a ride around City Heights.

We met for 5 sessions of 3 to 4 hours and the program was as follow:
- Day 1: Class with hands on: anatomy of a bike, using tools, wheels/tires/tubes, fixing a flat tire.
- Day 2: Class with hands on: brake systems, drive train, gears, choosing a bike
- Day 3: Build your bike!
- Day 4: Build your bike!
- Day 5: Bike safety class

We'd like to thank all the participants for their dedication, even under the rain on day 3 and Shannon Fleener (City Heights Prep Charter outreach coordinator) for contacting us and facilitating the program.
Also a big thank you to all Bikes del Pueblo's volunteers who helped during the program and to the San Diego Bike County Bike Coalition for giving us helmets and lights and supporting the bike safety class!

Here are some photos!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Volenteer Orientation Feb 26th

Bikes Del Pueblo is looking for volunteers! Come to our volunteer orientation to learn about how we operate and how you can help. We take volunteers of all skill levels. Mechanical bicycle knowledge is NOT necessary! Volunteers do more than just fix bikes. Volunteers help with building out our new space, community outreach, grant applications, translation and more! We are particularly looking for volunteers in these languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Swahili, and Arabic. Come be a part of something spectacular!

Perks of being a volunteer include: First pick on bike parts, volunteer-only shop time, increase your bicycle know-how, giving back to your community and continuing a grassroots effort that has been serving City Heights for 10 years.

This event is in conjunction with a Basic Bike Mechanics Class, being offered March 12th from 2 PM to 4 PM. More details and event page will be posted soon.

Bikes Del Pueblo is a cooperatively run, non-hierarchical, donation based bike kitchen located in City Heights. We use consensus-based decision making and base decision making privileges on involvement and commitment.

Questions? E-mail us at bikesdelpueblosd (at) gmail dot com or message us on FB

FB event page: (please RSVP as going, guest list is private)