Thursday, February 27, 2014

two things coming up

so we have a thing coming up! in a few weeks we're having a scavenger hunt, complete with prizes. participants have all day to finish, please encourage any kids you know to jump in!

in other news, some friends of ours are starting a womyn's group ride called synchronized cycles. they head out from claire de lune in north park every new moon around 7:30pm. it's intended as a ride for women of all varieties to come together with each other.

and you already know about the bike film fest coming up and the triumphant return of ciclosdias, right?

so don't let this weather get you down! we're still doing what we do, and have been very fortunate to collaborate with several great organizations these last few weeks to provide workshops for our neighbors. get out there and ride (and advocate and etc etc)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

holidays, a new year, and some days off

in spite of the chilly weather, the turbulent winter storms, and downpours, we've kept active as ever sharing bicycle repair knowledge. recently we had the great pleasure of working with prokids, a youth org located at colina park, to have a special workshop with their kids. many of us are running around out of town (and out of the country) for this season so we will not be having a meeting this next wednesday and neither will we be at the farmers market that next saturday the 28th.

in other news, as seen on bikesd, the city has updated their bike program page to assist businesses in receiving a bike rack. if you have a business or know somebody who does, you should totally get in on this. and with the news of the newly approved bike plan, which is a huge update to the 2002 version, we have much to look forward to.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

it's almost Halloween

That means it's time for Halloween group bike rides! I found a page with a list of several rides, if you're looking for any.

Also, we've been keeping very busy lately. We finished up a few bikes in the last few weeks (one of which was a longer project than the rest) and have been having a pretty full schedule at the farmers market, everything from new cables in grip shifters to overhauling coaster brakes.

So go make your own group ride, go support several LBSs, and have a good Halloween!

ps After Halloween is Dia de los Muertos, which is a good time to remember cyclists and people on the street who've been victimized by unsafe road conditions and driving. There have been many great efforts and victories in making San Diego more livable and more safe to get around, but there is still a lot of work to do. Don't hesitate to get involved!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer is "cooling it's jets"

new updates:
     the sisters of perpetual indulgence hosted a fundraiser for us this past month. gears for growth was a wildly successful poker ride in which participants gave donations to enter a game of poker. at each stop of the ride they got a card, and the best cards won. this was also part of a bike drive that gears for growth coordinated to get bikes for the international rescue committee, which we are currently finishing up. anybody is welcome to come lend a hand, it'll be a good time. for a great video of the event, check this out

     we will be making appearances at the che cafe soon for disorientation, as well as a workshop for a local after school group. both would be great opportunities to volunteer. to kickstart fall, on october 5 we are hosting an alleycat. no details yet, but the start will be in city heights again and there will be an optional leg punishing checkpoint for an extra prize.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer is upon us

Needless to say our fundraisers were roaring, flaming, substantial successes. Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters and racers! Especially Glimmer Gear, Bonita and Chicle from Tijuana, Saboteur's Kitchen, Monkeylectric, the Sherman Heights Community Center, Blind Lady, and Subterranean.

Summer is gearing up to be pretty busy. We'll have more news about it later as developments develop, but we'll have a presence at Ciclosdias (August 11) and several other events as well as coordinating with a traveling workshop to support a project in South Africa. We're very excited for these new partnerships and opportunities, and hopefully they'll go smooth with so many of our coordinator volunteer extraordinaire personnel traveling the world. 

Stay tuned for news, but in the meantime if you're a resident of City Heights or a surrounding community please have some input at a special discussion this Tuesday evening at the Teen Challenge Center near 54th and University at 6pm. It will be one of the final discussions where the public can give input on the new bike routes that will connect all of Mid-City with La Mesa.

And June 29th our friends Las Calaveras are having another Black Coffee Bike Ride. Meet up is 7pm but roll out no later than 8pm from Lestat's on Park, followed by a bike-in theater.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

get ready!

thanks to our great friend blaine for donating his time to make a great poster!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

upcoming fundraiser and an alleycat

 so at bdp we're all about having a good time. we like to work on bikes and share bike related skills with people, but we mostly like to party. so at the end of may we're hosting a fundraiser dance party as well as an alleycat.

the dance party will be at the sherman heights community center, located at 2258 island, and will go from 7pm to 10pm may the 24th. it's a $3 suggested donation, but, you know, if all you've got is bigger bills we'll gladly take all of them and still let you in. vrock the beatsmith will be djing and roadrunner bags (long beach), bonita (tj), and chicle (tj) will have vendor tables.

the very next night we'll be having an alleycat starting at 8pm from a very secret location. i will say this though, the starting point will be very close to where we do saturday morning workshops. very very close. entry is $5, $3 for bmx and female participants. there will be prizes! 

so far several of the vendors have agreed to donate prizes for the alleycat and to raffle during the dance party, as well as subterranean coffee in north park. we are still open to more donations to help us in these fundraisers, so if you are interested please contact