Wednesday, April 24, 2013

upcoming fundraiser and an alleycat

 so at bdp we're all about having a good time. we like to work on bikes and share bike related skills with people, but we mostly like to party. so at the end of may we're hosting a fundraiser dance party as well as an alleycat.

the dance party will be at the sherman heights community center, located at 2258 island, and will go from 7pm to 10pm may the 24th. it's a $3 suggested donation, but, you know, if all you've got is bigger bills we'll gladly take all of them and still let you in. vrock the beatsmith will be djing and roadrunner bags (long beach), bonita (tj), and chicle (tj) will have vendor tables.

the very next night we'll be having an alleycat starting at 8pm from a very secret location. i will say this though, the starting point will be very close to where we do saturday morning workshops. very very close. entry is $5, $3 for bmx and female participants. there will be prizes! 

so far several of the vendors have agreed to donate prizes for the alleycat and to raffle during the dance party, as well as subterranean coffee in north park. we are still open to more donations to help us in these fundraisers, so if you are interested please contact

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