Wednesday, April 17, 2013

up there in the east bay

how many bike mechanics does it take to hold up a banner?
so this last weekend four of bikes del pueblo's dedicated, attractive, and mechanically adventurous volunteers took a trip to oakland for the california bike coop conference Bici!Bici! (Bici!Bici! is a regional version of the north american conference, Bike!Bike!). needless to say the trip was great, we met plenty of great, experienced people also working in communities to promote the bike in various ways. we participated in conversations around women of color and families gaining greater access to biking, gender inclusivity within bicycle coops, the logistics of storage and getting things unstuck, and brushed up on our spanish bike vocab.

we'd like to apologize for not being at the market this past saturday, but even more we'd like to give a shout out to all the los angeles bike orgs out there, including bici cocina/bike kitchen, bici digna, and ovarian psychos, spokeland in oakland, and all the participants.

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