Sunday, October 7, 2012

bikes del pueblo needs a new home

cleaning, regreasing, and repacking the garage
beginning this november 1 bikes del pueblo will need a new home. we've been comfortably accommodated at the snowdrop house for the last few years and were able to keep a functioning workspace as well as a bike graveyard all under beautiful mango and avocado trees. its a beautiful place and we've got a lot of memories, like building a tall bike out of wal mart frames and eric's epic low rider, as well as countless more conventional builds. however we need to find a new space.

we would like to ask for help on a few things:

  • storage: in the meantime we may need to find storage for a lot of our frames and parts, which are in many many boxes. if any past volunteers or friends of bdp had a few feet of space available for us that would be amazing
  • liquidation: just come get things. during open hours everything is on sale. im even thinking of selling by the pound. just get stuff out of there! on certain weeknights i will be stripping and/or building bikes to move them out of the space. please send me an email if you would like to come by.
  • new location: our biggest need is a new home. a garage, the back of a church or local business, a farmers market, a local school. our needs are at the least a small area to store tools and less than ten crates of parts and at least a ten by ten area to work, which we could set up and tear down so that that space could be used for something else when we arent there. 
if you have any leads or support to offer please get in touch with either chris or ken (see contact's page)


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