Tuesday, September 18, 2012

parking day and calavera ride

hey guess what time it is! its almost time for parking day! this friday check it out and get ready to do some serious checking it out at one of the three locations. follow the link to bikesd's write up on it to find out the times and locations for parking day in city heights, north park, and at the blind lady. 

this saturday bike the boulevard is going to rock some socks right off, and mostly because our good friends the bike stand @ sdsu (a student bike kitchen) are going to be there. check them out in front of bar eleven during the ride. we did a bike the boulevard a long time ago at the media arts center stop, and i for one think its a tradition that needs to be upheld.

also in the works is  skeleton ride, an epic adventure brought to you by the new calavera crew. its being put on by some friends of ours who want to have some fun all ages rides and hit pinatas. its the last saturday in october at the big fountain, nine pm. good wholesome fun.

and oh yeah, tour de fat is coming up, but im sure you know that already.

as far as our operations, we're shifting around our hours. sundays are poppin. we now have expanded hours, so from noon to five pm sunday afternoons we'll be open for visitors and new volunteers. saturdays may be no longer since olivier of the machete bike coop (in chiapas, mexico) and i are going to be starting tuesday evenings soon. we have the added goals of building bike blenders.

hope to see you soon and keep riding!

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