Sunday, April 15, 2012

with our bones nearly all intact

well its been a great few weeks for bikes del pueblo. we had our first but definitely not our last bike games day. if you missed it here is a preview of how intense things got. and its been a generally awesome spring. the weather is nice, we got some much needed rain, a perfect time now for riding.

coming up next sunday, and dont miss it or youll feel really silly, is the next veloswap. of course we'll be out there handing out fliers and taking your old unsold stuff.

our next meeting is this wednesday, 7pm @ the snowdrop house (2754 snowdrop 92105) in city heights so if you've been volunteering or want to jump in please stop by. we always need volunteers regardless of mechanical expertise but especially anybody good at outreach, art, or just managing info

keep riding!

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