Tuesday, March 27, 2012

bike games and name drops

big news amigos and amigas and amigxs,

bikes games day is coming up this april 7th @ the world famous hollywood park in city heights. you're going to want to make it out early because a daytime alley cat starts at noon. after that we're going to have drinks, a grill, kids bike races, bike polo, skid contests and foot down as well as huffy toss. not to be missed. hit this up for a chance to win prizes and prestige, bring something for the bar b q. the flier is below but here is the facebook event to share with your friends and family. don't be afraid to tell your co-workers either

this event is especially important for us because we may be just a month away from moving into a legitimate store front space. we've gotten a lot of love and support from multiple bike communities over the last few years, and this could give us some real stability. we hope to see everybody out there!

in the international politics scene bikes del pueblo has become a talking point. in the most recent addition from speak city heights we were mentioned as part of san diego's bike "homebase" as well as our dear friend sam ollinger who runs bikesd.org.

below is screen shot proof from their news story as well as an older picture from the email. so far we haven't been asked for endorsements or spots in campaign ads, but it has to be just a matter of time. man, won't they be bummed out to hear our answer.

keep riding!


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