Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the post-veloswap era

another bike swap meet has come and gone and the faithful bikes del pueblo volunteers stuck it out against the rain. a big thanks to the velodrome for having us out there to do outreach and accept donations. the vendors and visitors were more than generous and we now have enough forks and 26" tires to build a house. but we won't because instead we're opening up a new day.

this sunday, 11/13/11, chris is opening up the workshop at snowdrop house from noon to 3pm. the bike polo club from high tech high is working on making up the extra hours from 3 to 6pm at least once or twice a month. we're hoping to make sundays a regular day for both classes and open workshop time. being at the house we have extra resources like the welder, more spare parts, and truing stand, that aren't available at our farmers market locations. sundays should be a big thing.

and in case you forgot we have two rides coming up: the third friday ride and tacocat

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