Sunday, October 30, 2011

ddlm / halloween post: kitchen openings! tacocat! sdsu!

just another round of updates and general news. if you didnt know already the annual dia de los muertos ride put on by the cretins is coming up. 8pm @ gala in south park, expect fun.

this december 9 is bdp's first ever alley cat ride, the tacocat! its still in the works but we're doing our best to combine bike racing and taco shops. meets at the big fountain 8pm, save a few bucks by registering early. we are also looking for sponsors, so if your business or org would like to be part of supporting local bike projects please contact us!

this last month was historical not only for obvious reasons (like occupy wall street and the second failed end of the world prediction in one year) but also for the opening of the aztec bike stand! a new volunteer clancy has started a new day at sdsu's farmers market. every thursday from noon to three tools and experience are available to keep you riding.

as usual we are always looking for new volunteers for both saturdays and thursdays as well as anybody who would like to start their own day. our garage is cleaned up and ready for action and registration is open for mechanics classes (see top right of page).

keep riding!

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