Sunday, April 8, 2018

Earn a Bike 2018!!


A few weeks ago we finished a new session of our Earn a Bike program and we had a lot of fun!
We had 11 participants, all from the City Heights Prep Charter School, 10 students and their outreach coordinator. The goal of the program is for participants to learn about bike mechanic and then pick a bike from the ones donated to us and fix it/build it. We end with a bike safety class and give helmets, lights and locks to all participants and go for a ride around City Heights.

We met for 5 sessions of 3 to 4 hours and the program was as follow:
- Day 1: Class with hands on: anatomy of a bike, using tools, wheels/tires/tubes, fixing a flat tire.
- Day 2: Class with hands on: brake systems, drive train, gears, choosing a bike
- Day 3: Build your bike!
- Day 4: Build your bike!
- Day 5: Bike safety class

We'd like to thank all the participants for their dedication, even under the rain on day 3 and Shannon Fleener (City Heights Prep Charter outreach coordinator) for contacting us and facilitating the program.
Also a big thank you to all Bikes del Pueblo's volunteers who helped during the program and to the San Diego Bike County Bike Coalition for giving us helmets and lights and supporting the bike safety class!

Here are some photos!


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