Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 13th Visitor Spotlight

For our December 13th posting we wanted to celebrate Jesse by honoring him with our last BdP spotlight of the year!

I asked the collective to throw down some words to describe Jesse, but it's really hard to capture someone with a string of adjectives. So there's that, and also some other fun tidbits about Jesse.

Collective words to describe Jesse:

Sincere, reliable, supportive, eccentric, knowledgeable, storytelling, ice-breaker, mellow-eccentric...

Jesse brings genuine spirit to BDP. He has been a great asset to this community, and we are very disappointed to see him go. In fact, some might even say we are super bummed to be losing a person who embodies real heart and intestinal fortitude. Keep it metal, Jesse.

I was just getting to know Jesse; so I can't say much, but all I know is that he makes the moment more comfortable.

I snapped a photo last time I saw him, here he is with one of his housemates, on top of a hill, at a park, outside his home.

Ask him about his zine collection next time you see him!

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