Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 29th Visitor Spotlight

Meet Nico & Marky!

This past Saturday  at the City Heights Farmer’s Market, collective members and market-goers were graced with the presence of Marky and Nico, hailing from South America to Europe, and now making their way south to Argentina from the United States. What's remarkable  about their travels is that it is all pedal-powered by the two, using a custom-built bamboo tandem bike!

Upon closer inspection, you can see where they were able to disassemble the bike so that it can be shipped to Spain, where they promoted a book chronicling their tales, “Diarios de Bambucicleta”.    

I asked Marqueta (Marky) a few questions on how they met and the idea of this came about. She said that they have been active friends through an online community centered on bikes. They discovered that they both shared the same dream to bike all over South America, and thus, they’ve been travelling together ever since. Their first tour featured them riding on two separate bamboo bikes, and this current tour has them both riding the tandem bike (see photo above).

When I asked Marky what the strangest encounter has been, she told me about a story that took place in San Francisco. Supposedly, there was a man that lived on a boat, in which you had to kayak to get there. She told me that her and Nico felt strange vibes and knew to leave as quickly as possible. Which led me to my next question: What are some challenges that she’s faced since starting this adventure?

Marky told me that first and foremost, having a positive attitude is a must, along with having no expectations, and generally enjoying the company of your biking partner. Marky shared about how hot it was in Spain, and that during the hours of 2 to 7pm it was too hot to ride, temperatures escalated to around 96 degrees Fahrenheit. They also acknowledged that sometimes it is scary to not know where they are going to stay for the night.

Luckily, the internet has made it possible to connect like-minded people together so that dreams of travelling the world by bike is bit more organized.

Thank you Marky for speaking with me and sharing your stories. Hopefully these two will inspire others to get creative and explore the world with their unique twist on adventuring.

If you are interested in learning more about the duo’s adventure, keep posted by checking out their FB page:     -J

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