Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Public Bike Work Stand to be Installed in City Heights

Bikes Del Pueblo members in a collaborative effort with Jacquelynne Le and Vincent Rivera; City Heights residents, entered the Great Neighborhood Challenge through the San Diego Foundation and secured a $5,000 grant to promote bicycling in City Heights.

The funds are going towards the purchase of a public bike work stand (outfitted with tools and an air pump) and the plan is to get permission to install it in front of the Weingart Library. Since Bikes Del Pueblo sets up shop every Saturday at the City Heights Farmer's Market (located directly across the street from the Weingart Library), everyone thought it would make the most sense.

We are currently talking to community leaders and members of the City Heights Recreation Center to secure the location and other legalities.

The expansive area is called the Urban Village, and its location is both significant and strategic, as it is the first of its kind in City Heights. Since this location offers a multitude of recreational and educational services to community members, we thought a public work stand will be greatly utilized by everyone who passes through regularly.

A portion of the fund will also go towards Bikes Del Pueblo, to help purchase parts/tools/supplies, so that members can sustain their operation of providing sliding scale payment in exchange for services and small parts.

The project timeline is one year, but we expect the stand to be installed by the end of this year at the latest. Some other side work to coincide with this project would be to educate both kids and adults about bicycle safety. In our efforts to stretch our budget, we are working on connecting with local bike merchants, manufacturers, and philanthropic organizations to aid us in collecting bicycle safety items to be able to offer a bundle package at a deep discount or give away, these items include: helmets, lights, and locks.

Bikes Del Pueblo members are also looking for translators that share a passion of circulating bicycle education to the community-at-large. At the weekly market, there are patrons from all over the globe, and we want to improve our communication. If you or a friend are interested in helping translate flyers/documents, the following language skills are needed:




Needless to say, one simple project has turned into a desire to make bicycling in City Heights safer and smoother for all residents. Thanks for supporting Bikes Del Pueblos work!

Here is a link to the brochure for the Fixit stand:

Dero Fixit Repair Stand and Air kit 3 (the preferred option, built for durability)


  1. Yes, I agree with you. Public bike stand must be convinient for people to use.

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