Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer is "cooling it's jets"

new updates:
     the sisters of perpetual indulgence hosted a fundraiser for us this past month. gears for growth was a wildly successful poker ride in which participants gave donations to enter a game of poker. at each stop of the ride they got a card, and the best cards won. this was also part of a bike drive that gears for growth coordinated to get bikes for the international rescue committee, which we are currently finishing up. anybody is welcome to come lend a hand, it'll be a good time. for a great video of the event, check this out

     we will be making appearances at the che cafe soon for disorientation, as well as a workshop for a local after school group. both would be great opportunities to volunteer. to kickstart fall, on october 5 we are hosting an alleycat. no details yet, but the start will be in city heights again and there will be an optional leg punishing checkpoint for an extra prize.

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