Wednesday, May 30, 2012

checking in with everybody

i hope everybody's summer has unofficially gotten off to a great start (it doesn't officially start for almost a month) because we have some stuff lined up for you. but just a run-down of some relevant news.

if you're not yet an avid reader of you should be. not only is sam ollinger keeping people up to date on bike politics in the city and state but she's got a very informative piece on any bike lane update and events like there goes the neighborhood

and if youre yearning for more bike games style action then we've got good news: bikes del pueblo is planning the 2nd annual Sheldon Brown Birthday Party and first ever Paperboy-themed alley cat. We are currently looking for volunteers to help make props for the event and get logistics taken care of, no experience necessary or skills so if you want to get involved email Dustin. We've only got two months left so hit us up soon!

ride safe and take the lane,


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