Friday, July 22, 2011

new bikes del pueblo forum!

the sheldon brown birthday ride takes off!

have you heard the big news? bdp has a new exciting forum! we're experimenting with all new types of communication, everything from email lists to smoke signals and bee dancing. but so far i think the best two are blogging and face to face communication. lets see how this forum works out. what i like about it is that we can have discussions that we can save for later and that are accessible to the any reader, and if we say good things then its like we're creating a resource! a history! a manual! the success of projects like make it seem like this just might have a chance.

in other news, bikes > jets, the bike union is biking to brunch, the next full moon ride is planned out, the bike coalition has a new director, and next month is the critical manners/courteous mass ride! and of course, those fabulous people paseo urbano down in tijuana are going to have another paseo de todos the first of the month.

so register at the forum, get the discussion going, keep checking every morning for hot news, and keep riding!

update! para los quien puede hablar espanol/spanglish: viene el foro de movilidad urbana tijuana, aqui son los detalles
missed the last wombat biking workshop? the notes and discussion are all on bdp's forum!

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