Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tuesday the 8th, proposal writing time!

two of bikes del pueblo's exceptionally gifted young volunteers just met with a representative from a certain local bike coalition to talk about possibilities, resources, and expanding our operation within san diego. to do this we need to put together a proposal by march 23rd detailing what our goals are and how we want to reach them. things like what materials we need, how we plan on operating, circumstances to take into consideration (volunteer coordinating, fundraising, etc), all of this needs to be in writing and presentable. if you would like to be part of this process to share ideas or lessons learned please stop by. here are the details:

tuesday, march 8th, 7pm
2754 snowdrop
san diego, 92105

if you cannot attend but would like to be involved send an email to our list serv (on the left of the blog) or leave us a comment on the blog with a time to meet or suggestion.

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