Monday, January 24, 2011

IRC build-a-bike-a-thon + south east farmers market

the next build-a-bike-a-thon for the IRC is february 13th at 2754 snowdrop over there in city heights. probably between 1 and 4 pm like last time. this is a good way to get acquainted with all the parts of a bike, even if you have no experience, all the while helping local refugees get around town. you can bring your own tools, but if you it might be a good idea to mark them just in case.

also, starting in two weeks (actually, like 11 days now i guess) we're going to start operating out of the south east farmers market! so come on out to help, if you live in the area and need help drop in, and just in general spread the word. 

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  1. Your google event says 3-7pm. Which should I believe?