Sunday, December 5, 2010

la fieldtrip recap + meeting reminder

yesterday was the la fieldtrip, and with a packed car we took off and visited bikerowave, bicicocina, and bike oven. we'd like to thank everybody from all three spaces for taking the time to talk to us, sharing everything they knew with us as we slowly and gratingly picked at their brains, and for letting us hang out. i personally would not like to thank pure luck, a restaurant across from bicicocina, for being expensive and having small burritos. i dont know how things run in la, but i expect a larger burrito for that much, even if it is at a fancy vegan place.

our team of scribes took extensive notes at each location, on everything from selling used parts to asking donations to sign in sheets and different levels of volunteering and running/opening a space. keep posted and/or shoot us an email because we'd really like to plan another work day as soon as possible and set time aside to talk about coordinating and opening a space.

jb from bikerowave
we'd like to thank individually jb and enzo from bikerowave who told us all about the difference between not for profit corporations and non-profits. we'd also like to thank the greatest woman of all time from bicicocina who told us all about their cooks and operation and who we unfortunately cannot remember the name of. and last (but not least) we'd like to thank harv and chicken leather from bike oven for telling us all about burning pinatas.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: our next meeting is this friday 7pm @ 2754 snowdrop, 92105

the view of bicicocina from pure luck

one of bike oven's lovely local volunteers dreaming about a certain special italvega
harv and bike oven's own human chair, on a real chair

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