Sunday, October 10, 2010

350 bike ride recap!

today was the second and final 350 bike ride. the first ride yesterday at the farmers market was fun and relaxed. a small turnout for the ride (at least of people who showed up on time) but plenty of extra people came by to say hi and work on their bikes. everybody got free totes and an exclusive bike zine put together by myself (ken), holly from sdsu, and fernanda of irc infamy.

the ride today starting at ward canyon park had a decent turnout of young college kids and a handful of old bike guys. we started off around 1:30, met up with a protest at a local valero over prop 23, and went down park blvd ending at pokez. if you werent there you missed out.

pictures will hopefully be up soon, and keep posted for the next ride: nov 13!

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