Monday, September 27, 2010

350 bike rides against climate change!

put this in your planner: october 9th and 10th bikes del pueblo along with the IRC and some friends are putting together group rides to raise awareness of climate change. the rides are part of the 350 campaign, and will be coinciding with actions taken all over the world. the first ride on october 9th will be at 10am starting at the city heights farmers market and will be a slow paced tour of the neighborhood. the next ride will start around 1pm at ward canyon park on adams ave and will be around 7 or 10 miles, depending on how everybody feels, and will go around the mid-city area and end at toronado in north park. below is an unfinished flier, a finished one will be up shortly

hope to see you all out there!

also this friday is paseo de todo in tijuana and as usual bikes del pueblo is always looking for new members to join in and help share skills and resources within the community

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